Lagos Diary #4 

Heat in Lagos is an undeniable constant, and this afternoon the sun was very happy I suppose. This time I wasn’t in a bus or brt, I was simply passing by (that’s why I don’t have an actual image my apologies) and that’s when I saw them. Two women carrying rice sacks filled with goods on their head, this is not an uncommon sight in Lagos but what intrigued me was when another woman peeked out from the loading brt and shouted out Yoruba in their Direction ” I don’t like how you people behave, I have been waiting for a long time and I already bought the tickets. Oya hurry up and enter”. The first woman entered with her load but when the second – with a bigger sack- wanted to enter, the bus driver stopped her demanding for the ticket for her loads, things escalated quickly and the man raised his voice again in Yoruba “what nonsense is this?! See the large bag you want to carry inside and then you’ll use it to disturb those that will stand, you’re not going in until you buy a ticket for the sack” the young woman tried to plead with him, going as far as saying she’ll carry the load on her legs – from the corner of my eye I peeked at the sack again cheesos! That on somebody’s leg??!, and then I remembered the girl from my first entry who paid for her small duffel. At the end though, the young woman got in and I thought the matter had died until one of the guys on queue turned to the driver and said “what you did now isn’t fair at all, why must she pay for load again, you people abuse authority anyhow” the driver replied him but I already tuned them out.

They are Sulaimon (bus driver), Chinedu (human rights activist 😂) Kemi ( young woman), Iya fathia and Iya Tola (other women).
They are the typical Lagos populace. They distracted me this afternoon.


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