When he was 3,
She was his first friend in preschool
They shared toys

When he was 8,
She moved away to another country
They lost contact

When he was 13,
She came back and enrolled in his highschool
They became bestfriends

When he was 18,
She wore his promise ring with love
They went to different colleges

When he was 23,
She came back to him wearing his ring
They moved in together

When he was 25,
She became his wife in every way possible
They were happy

When he was 27,
She was diagnosed with a terminal ailment
They were distraught

When he was 32,
She left him with their premature daughter
He became an empty shell

When he was 45,
She was the spitting image of her mother
His heart ached

When he was 58,
She got wedded in her mother’s dress
He cried.

She’s gone
He loves her still, forever and always.


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