D. O. F. #1 (morning dew)

Humans are amusing creations, with everything we acquire we desire even more. I suppose economists are right to say human wants are unlimited. Take for example, a girl in js3 wants nothing more than to be done with junior School and become a senior, when she gets into ss3 she can’t wait to graduate, and now that she is a fresher in the university she can’t wait to start proper classes. Unilag has been a top choice for me all my life and it’s a family tradition of sorts, gaining admission into it is one of my biggest accomplishments. Matriculation was on Friday the 13th (lol if you get it), and after several days of “come back tomorrow” I got clearance for hostel and moved in. Sadly, in my four-man room I’m the only occupant right now and so it gets lonely sometimes but social media helps, I met one of my roommates but she hasn’t moved in fully, and i am yet to meet the other one that has moved in, the fourth person is still unknown. Sunday was Thanksgiving at chapel of Christ our light and that was amazing!! (We got drinks and chops:mrgreen:). It sucks to admit that I still don’t know what my timetable is but it’s not entirely my fault because my classmates haven’t sent it and not everyone has it, but its inevitable slowly and surely I’ll get a hang of things. I have spent my days alone with the loml (my phone 😘) and Someone told me recently that finding friends in unilag is not a problem, whether you want to or not you’ll have a crowd of sorts. I’m still waiting to make my first proper friend o!. If there’s anything I’m certain of right now, it’s the fact that college life is incomparable, you are in complete total control of everything concerning you here, I suppose that’s what makes it easy or hard depending on choices that are made. I’m certain I’ll have more exciting, amusing and interesting experiences to share but for now let me gist you about my first night here. It was around 7p.m on friday when it dawned on me that I’ll be sleeping alone, at first I was spooked but I took the advice of Meghan Trainor and I woman-up(ed), later an old friend who has moved in sent me a DM on Instagram and we agreed to meet downstairs and hang out but just as I was going down my brother called me that he was around, I was so happy because I didn’t know what to do about dinner (no hotplate yet).  After normal gists with my big brother he was about to go and he gave me cash to buy dinner. I was turning around in circles looking for something to buy, 2001 was closed mavise was closed even the shops within the hostel were closed since it was around 12, I was about to give up and resort to cornflakes when it hit me….the Amazing smell of suya, like a kid with too much money in a candy shop I approached the suya man

Me:”aboki how far? You get Turkey?”(if you know me then you know my obsession with it)

Suya man: “yes i get but e no dey fire, you go wait?”

For turkey?, oz courf yes!!. A few minutes later I was walking up with a smile, in no time at all I bounced on my topbunk bed and opened the wrap. My oh my, I was in Turkey heaven and then I saw it…. downstairs I thought it was onions but I realized there was cabbage too . Cabbage and onions inside Turkey? It was a first for me but, one-by-one, bone-after-skin, I finished it and took bournvita to wash down. I dusted my bed and cleaned my hands (before ants would arrive for their portion) and I layed back with no worries like lil Wayne.

I am a freshman, with no timetable, 2friends, and a phone. My name is Dee.


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