D.O.F. #2 (GOALS!!!)

I think I need to get glasses perhaps they’ll make me invincible? Okay okay I know that’s not possible but For reals, I feel like being invincible on campus, don’t get me wrong o it’s not like I have a horde following me around or something, if anything that’s the opposite, it’s just so I can observe things better….
It’s the 5th day since I moved into the hostel and slowly I’m getting the hang of things and falling into a routine of sorts. My roommates have moved in and thankfully they are all above year 2! , I’ve made less than a handful of friends but trust me I’m trying my damnedest. I’ve finally had my first class of the semester, in fact I had two today and the latter (psy 111) was lengthy in time and content but interesting all the same. I observed people today (although I won’t be sharing anything from today) and it’s clear that the groups have been made. After class this morning I walked over to theatre arts and oddly I felt at peace over there perhaps because it held my affection for a long time in my early teen/preteen years. So back to the subject matter, I really want to be invincible o! At the end of this entry you’ll probably wish I was too… I went to lagoon front yesterday to just chill before climbing those horrendous stairs back to my room and I was just there yunno sitting doing my own weird ass thing when I saw them coming down to the lagoon front, immediately my interest was spiked and I tried my best to watch from where I was. From their interaction you’ll know they are intimate and they’ve been together for a while, so I was shocked when they sat on one of the concrete benches and started doing work like schoolwork, I wasn’t phased though “couple that reads together 💞” I concluded. I went back to wattpad and only glanced over from time to time, “I don’t want to go Jo leave me alone” It was the girl that spoke, I slyly looked over and saw they had packed their bags and the guy was standing tugging her hand while she sat still shaking her head. He bent low and whispered something in her ear, I saw her fighting a smile but she said “I’m still not going, I want to go and sleep”. The guy did the cutest puppy face ever and I saw her resolve fall apart, ” okay, okay stop looking like spoilt yoghurt, let’s go” I wanted to laugh at her retort but I didn’t want to give myself away so I simply watched as she stood up and he wrapped an arm around her as they made their way towards where I was,obviously heading out…. As they were a few feet from me, I heard her laugh and so I turned again, “he must have said something cheesy or funny” I thought, and my eyes popped when she went on tiptoes and kissed him, on the lips, right there and then. After she pulled away nigga had this wide ass grin on his face like somebody that heard that coke was back to normal price and bread was 200naira again. He seemed to walk faster and as they finally walked past me I just had to refrain from turning.

They are Tinuke and Charles, 300level students in Unilag.
Love birds since year one.

They are goals and they made my day!

(Even though I didn’t get to know what happened after they left 😂)


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