D.O.F #4   (human high-rise and drop tops)

I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me. I’ve been MIA due to phone related issues but I promise what I have for you is worth the wait.


It’s been almost a week since my last post and a lot has happened. I saw a lot and I heard a lot and I’ll spill soon. Let me start off with the theory of heights that I overheard on Friday night at the new Hall busstop. There I was sitting and trying to relax after a long day when I overhead this conversation between a guy and a girl. The girl was explaining how it was going to be difficult for her and her sister to find compatible partners (height-wise) the guy countered her and said that there were plenty of other people taller than Her 6 ft 4 and his 6 ft 9 but she continued to say that even if they found compatible partners their children would be taller and face the same challenge and the cycle would continue. The guy concurred but in my head I was wondering if they have heard of recessive genes???. Sha they entertained me with their conversation. A few days after drama happened on my floor in the hostel, a room had someone that slept over and was caught during Hall round (when they poke their nose into your room and make comments), all their beds were seized and the room was locked till late in the night when it was opened and they had to sleep on the floor of the room. That same night the official hypeman Lamu (or lamo idk the correct spelling sorry) And his crew drove round with music playing from loudspeakers to announce the edutainment fiesta and as usual girls danced (more like booty shake) for freebies and as the music junkie I am I was happy about the pounding sounds while the announcement lasted. I was alone this weekend as well but since her return I’ve been speaking more with my roommate and she is such an amazing and interesting person, she doesn’t listen to music hence doesn’t have any on her phone (when my earpiece is the loml).
I’ve made about 2 more friends courtesy of my old friends (high school mates) and now we all spend our evenings together eating or just slut shaming (no offense but some girls can make you want to yank your hair with their dressing)
This week is convocation week and classes rarely held though I have one tomorrow (Evils I tell you)
My brother graduated yesterday (Wednesday) and the family turned up (including some extended 😪😌🙍🙅) but we had fun nonetheless and I saw 2 graduating students full on grinding (in the presence of everyone plus the parentals). There were 💯💞🙌outfits and There were 😌🙅🙍outfits. I also saw firsthand the hustle for convocation rice by unilag boys (instant old friend).
They are all unilag students and they always make my day.
It’s been great so far as a fresher and more is surely coming.
I’ll be going home this weekend so there might not be an entry till next week.
I love you guys too much and your support means the world to me.


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