D.O.F #5               (Bright nights and rides)

Paris has been at the top of my visit list for as long as I can remember. One of the major influencers that sparked my interest is the nickname the city has. Paris ‘the city of light’ is in France, but on Sunday night Paris came to Unilag. I went home on Friday for the weekend and because I had massive laundry to do (don’t blame I was being lazy during the week). The weekend was fun and it went as usual with me cooking and cleaning, there were times though when I had to remind myself that I was at home where water was constantly available (unlike school 😂) and Phcn were having mood swings (unlike school :twisted:). I came back to school on Sunday afternoon and I actually thought this entry would be a Lagos diary extra based on the two old men that sat at my back. The moment I entered the bus at agege their voices welcomed me “their pikin go just dey swear for them say which Kain mama them get” mmmm sounds interesting, I settled in and with my back turned to them I gave them my ears. So apparently they were dissing promiscuous women who give birth to children with different fathers. One said to the other “if I get something with their type and her pikin come meet me say he wan buy biro or biscuit I go tell am make him go meet him mama kan ask am where him Papa dey”. I entered my hostel an hour later thinking of ways to spin that into an entry but shortly after I settled in my roommate came in and I got carried away. Later in the evening she called my attention to the traffic outside our window (we’re on the second floor) and I have to say ‘i neva hexperedit’. I can’t disclose the name of the hostel for security reasons (I’m just a fresher don’t let them beat me up plix) but this particular female hostel had an amazing amount of incoming cars on Sunday night and the headlights made it look like Paris came to town. The queue of cars got longer because the road was narrow and some were leaving. I thought it was the usual Friday pickup Sunday dropoff that was going on but the traffic was never this serious, then my roommate mentioned that a party that had been hyped since last year took place on Saturday and then it dawned on me. They were the after party crowd!!! The ones that take the party away from the venue (to the other rooms 🌆😪) and their rides (no pun intended) had come to drop them off afterwards. It was like Lagos rush hour, zoom in and reverse out. Different sizes, different brands, different packages 😎. After I surveyed the flow chart for a while 😂 I went downstairs and bought chicken suya and h²O (the drink).

They are the weekend rides and ridees.

Their weekend was litty I’m sure, but I was entertained.

Same place, next weekend I’ll be watching on behalf of y’all 😪

Have a great week mi amores


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