D.O.F #6 (Ain’t no party like…)

One tiring aspect of being a unilag fresher is the seemingly endless orientation programs. So far we’ve had almost 3 orientations with different names but same storyline, we got refreshments that ranged from fast-food packs to canteen packs. Given the past history it’s safe to say I never expected what happened yesterday. Yesterday was the official faculty of social sciences orientation and freshers’ gig. The turnout was impressive as usual but most importantly the program was straight to the point (🙌) enlightening and entertaining. There was item 7 (as usual) and it was 💯💯💯. The freshers’ gig was scheduled to start at 4pm but in typical Lagos fashion, it didn’t start until about past 5. Coincidentally creative arts were having their party as well but surprisingly the sounds didn’t disturb each other. When I arrived at the venue for the gig, I took pictures, walked around, took more pictures. There was free BBQ (I’m not sure if it was but I got one f.o.c 😎) and drink. The MC successfully hyped everyone with a few startups, there was a mini dance competition (more like ass shaking) between FSS freshers and needless to say it was interesting, similar to that were the other startups and all had cash prices attached. Guys had a challenge wllhere they had to do push ups with a girl on their backs now that was hilarious 😂😂😂. Similar things happened, and then we had upcoming artists and lyricists perform. The only female artist selena was the best (my opinion) and the rapper’s freestyle stole the show (punch line aye!!!!). Fastest fingers was done and I won Airtel #200. Then we had a talk with the ‘say no to AIDS’ group in unilag, they explained and showed how to use both male and female condoms (coman hear shouts). Dancing started shortly after sunset, and I think I surprised them with my amateur moves 😎. A little after 8 pm, I went over to creative arts to join the party over there and observe as usual. At first it was the normal party scene until I saw her, she was wearing a skirt and leaning on a car. Her hips were moving in an hypnotizing manner (no homo), people literally stopped to watch her as she danced with several guys. She was the literal definition of ‘life of the party’. Glow sticks were sold at the party but their BBQ wasn’t free😪.

On my way back to the hostel I saw a group playing the guitar and singing popular local songs and they reminded me of high school singing groups.
When I got back to my hostel I saw several ladies getting ready for a night out in town.
I spent the night in bed with my phone, they spent theirs in heels with shots.

It was a fun night all together, I saw, I told, I am done.

Ain’t no party like a unilag party.

They are the unilag party crowd.

They were truly entertaining and giving 😎.

It’s the weekend and I will be alone as usual.


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