D. O. F. #7 (unseen and unique)

People watching is possibly my favorite hobby, I find myself noticing things that quick glances wouldn’t show me and putting together a narration gives me fulfillment. It gets way better when I find people who make watching them worth it with their antics and luckily I found one of such this week. I was going to the Senate building when I spotted him, he had earplugs in and a book in front of him (my kind of person), I slowed down and watched thinking “see this calm person minding his business” but as usual I had jumped to conclusions, a leaf fell from the tree he was using for shade onto his hand and the guy jumped 5 ft high 😂, after realizing his misconception he regrouped and picked up his stuff, looked around to see if anyone witnessed his little act but of course I had made myself scarce 😎. Later in the week I overheard a girl telling her friend that when she wants to be inspired she listens to West life and Celine Dion 😕 (no comments). Nothing SPECTACULAR happened this week sadly, but my roommate’s birthday was on Wednesday and I got birthday cake (foodie ✌). The evening before was the first fight on our floor but disappointingly it was just verbal not physical and it was because of hot plate. Apparently girl 1 left her hot plate in the kitchenette and girl 2 was cooking with it, girl 1 came back and enraged opened the pot just as girl 2 entered and the rest can be pictured….

There’s yet another orientation today and apparently there will be food. The weekend is here and i hope something exciting happens so I can gist all of you. In the meantime, a couple kissed in front of fss complex some nights ago under the highway lights (goals :oops:)

Its the weekend we finna get lit!!!

Have a great weekend everyone

I’m out✌


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