THE COLOR OF LOVE (Valentine’s day special)

Valentine’s Day has never been my thing and will probably never be.
In my earlier teenage years, I was envious of the girls that got gifts and got asked out but when I realized that all year round they were regular girls like me, and for just a day they receive special treatment I stopped envying them.   I am in no way a cynic neither am I a feminist but Valentine’s Day outings are absolutely irrelevant  and this is why I opted to stay back when my friends decided to go out for Val’s. They dolled up (minimally) and ordered uber to Domino’s, just a typical girls day out which I have no problem with but it was valentine’s and I did not want to be misunderstood. Staying back had its benefits though, I got to survey and properly get gist for you.
I saw people dressed in red and white from top to bottom, I saw guys and girls bearing “love designed” gift bags and cakes and best of all I saw people actually make effort to look decent with reason.
Closeup #makethatmove stand was right in front of my hostel and because of tutorials I couldn’t get there early enough but I got substantial news. It started early in the evening/ late afternoon and there was a couples thingy that had to do with #makethatmove dares, kisses and dances (you can picture this;)). When I got back around 8 pm, music was playing loudly, there were performances by upcoming musicians and comedians. As usual, there were dance competitions (the shakers 😂) with cash rewards and gifts. According to my sources, girls were dared (not the right term but that’s essentially what it is) to kiss the MC, other guys and a set of girls were dared to make a guy happy, one tried a very pg 18+ lap dance and another sang. Similar activities continued on till the MC brought the event to a close around 9pm. It was fun with all the strobe lights and loudspeakers but that was not the end. From my room upstairs I had a good vantage point of view and I saw citizens of Unilag receiving and giving gifts, exchanging love speeches and kisses, single guys drinking and laughing, single girls looking envious, yunno the usual. This was my first Valentine’s Day in Unilag, it was nothing and also everything I expected.
The day has come and gone
Money has come and gone
Chill has brought chill-dren
Life goes on.


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