D.O.F #3 (My K.F.C :|)

Hey everyone, before I begin I want to quickly apologize for my sporadic updates and sparse contents, I am just settling into a routine in school. Please bear with me, I promise it will get better. Now let’s get to it.

It’s been a week people! And I’m proud to announce that more than 5 people know me by name, it’s been an interesting week, from course meeting (I’ll explain later), to evening tutorials, to lengthy notes, to 20minutes lectures, to faculty and departmental orientations, to absentee lecturers.Let’s begin with the course meeting shall we?, Wednesday saw me seated in an impromptu meeting called for by the course rep, I thought it was to discuss how to get our copies of the confirmed timetable or course outline. Needless to say I was disappointed when he said we were going to discuss the issue of his deputies, apparently “some people” came to meet him that it wasn’t cool to have a male course rep and male deputy someone then volunteered to be the deputy instead but our darling rep wanted to have two deputies, the male and the female. As expected, this caused a row because most people especially girls were insisting that they didn’t mind having a guy deputy but we didn’t need to have two deputies….honestly, I don’t know what went down afterwards (I zoned them out). Next up and the highlight of this entry is the departmental orientation that we had on Thursday. The event started out interestingly enough, better than I expected honestly, a fresher gave a recitation with love as the themed and I was wowed (word lover yunno). The invited guests, lecturers and speaker, gave brief and motivating speeches,and I was pleased with the turnout of everything. There was also fastest fingers and sadly I didn’t get any (they were called backwards) but that didn’t hinder the fun. The real deal came at the end of the programme, the current president took the mic and announced the supporters of the event, which included palmchat, Nobel carpets &rugs and……….wait for it…….. K.F.C. The applause increased when he added that we were all going to get KFC packs of food and drink, everyone was super excited including me (foodie ✌). Row by row they handed out the packs, and I heard murmurs about how big the chickens were and how nice the rice was. I sat still thinking to myself “Thank God for this free lunch”. The row in front of me collected and the anticipation increased by a mite until the voice of the president came in like a literal wrecking ball  “we’re sorry to announce that the packs have finished and those who didn’t get we’ve made arrangements for you”. As expected, people started talking and vexing but still we sat waiting for the ‘arrangement’. First thing everyone took note of were the bottles of coke brought in, now let me describe them, you know there’s a degree where a drink is reffered to as cold? And there’s a degree where it’s referred to as normal? And there’s a degree where it’s referred to as hot? These drinks were very hot. As if, that wasn’t bad enough, they shared gala with it. Mans were pissed and some people refused to collect theirs. I gave my coke out and took my gala in good faith as I made my way to staff school for my next class which lasted for about 20-30minutes 😂.

I’m a freshman and acknowledged foodie and I mourned my K.F.C pack that never came to.

Feel free to console me with T.F.C 😎

It’s the weekend and imma be alone again,roomies have gone for the weekend:|.



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